Kindergarten 5

Kindergarten 5 is for 5-year-old students
We have openings for pre-school. Call us today for a school tour: (757) 513-5612

Admissions Contacts

Ruby DeCastro-Brown
(757) 513-5612
Connie Watson
(757) 513-5612


Multiple Student Tuition Discount: Families with two or more children will receive a tuition discount for each child as follows: Student in the highest grade level is considered as the first child.
• 2nd child – 5%
• 3rd child – 10%
• 4th child and up – 15%
**Fees are not included. Fees are additional. Only one discount per family will apply.

Military Discount: Active duty military families will receive a 7% discount on the yearly tuition.
**Fees are not included. Fees are additional. Only one discount per family will apply.

Early Payment Discount: Families paying tuition in full at the time of submitting a contract will receive a discount of 3% on tuition, regardless of any other discounts applied.

Merit Scholarships

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP: One student will be awarded 50% off the yearly tuition based on Christian character, academic performance, and teachers’ evaluations. This scholarship will be effective on October 1, 2017. Scholarship application will be due no later than September 5, 2017.

About the Kindergarten 5 Program

The child must be 5-years-old by the first day of school. Parents will need to complete all sections of the Admission Application and submit the application fee. Our Admissions Staff will call to schedule a school tour. We have very small class sizes so your child will have the attention he or she needs to excel.

Elementary Curriculum K5

Bible: Abeka | Bible stories explored through songs, literature, pictures, and flashcards for memory.
Reading: Abeka | Students utilize phonics for reading mini-books while expanding thinking skills with comprehension checks.
Math: Abeka | Saxon 1- An incremental approach to learning math for statistically proven results. Students begin implementation of math concepts through word problems and song.
Arts and Crafts: Abeka | Utilized for reinforcement of academic concepts and the world around them.
Cursive: Abeka | Students develop the flow of writing through mastering the cursive alphabet.
History: Abeka | Students read about children around the world and the geographical locations.
Science: Abeka | Students explore through literature the insects, animals, and God’s creation for the uniqueness of all.

Tuition & Fees:

Tuition: $6,120 per year (Payment arrangements available)
Book Fees: $285
These fees must be paid by 9/1/2017, before the first tuition payment and is non-refundable. Children cannot start school before book fees are paid.
Technology Fee: $100.00 Due by 9/1/2017
Application Fee: $50 Does not apply to re-enrollment
Enrollment Fee: $180 Due at interview (not tour)
Late Fee: $45.00 Will be assessed if there is an outstanding balance on the third of the month.
Returned Check Fee: $45 for each returned check

Supplies Needed For Kindergarten 5

1 Small plastic supply box
1 Box of crayons, large size, 8 count (no glitter)
2 Glue sticks
2 Two pocket folder (heavy duty plastic recommended)
1 6” ruler
1 Pair of scissors (blunt end)
4 Large beginner size pencils (2 each semester)
4 Boxes of tissue, standard size (2 each semester)
4 Boxes of wipes, standard size, unscented (2 each semester)
2 Bottles of hand sanitizer (1 each semester)
3 Containers of Lysol wipes
Click HERE to buy uniforms.

Regular Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

Warning Bell 8:23
1st Period 8:25-9:23
2nd Period 9:27-10:16
3rd Period 10:20-11:09
4th Period 11:13-12:02
5th Period 12:06-12:55
Lunch 12:55-1:24
6th Period 1:28-2:17
7th Period 2:21-3:10

Chapel Schedule


Warning Bell 8:23
1st Period 8:25-9:17
2nd Period 9:21-10:04
3rd Period 10:08-10:51
Chapel 10:55-11:35
4th Period 11:39-12:22
5th Period 12:26-1:09
Lunch 1:09-1:36
6th Period 1:40-2:23
7th Period 2:27-3:10

Get In Touch

2 + 14 =

Ivy League Academy is a wonderful school. Their small class sizes allow for a very personal learning experience for the children. You should schedule a tour.

Dave Flanagan

President, Spin Modern

Grading Scale

A+ 99-100 G.P.A. 4.0
A 96-98 3.8
A- 94-95 3.6
B+ 91-93 3.3
B 88-90 3.1
B- 85-87 2.9
C+ 82-84 2.6
C 79-81 2.3
C- 77-78 2
D+ 74-76 1.3
D 70-73 1
F 0-69 0

Weighted GPA of 0.5 will be added for advanced courses, e.g., dual enrollment, AP, and Honors.

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