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Starting in the 2017-2018 school year ILA will provide our students with many amenities to make it a seamless transition. We value our host families and our own boarding homes. The boarding homes we will provide come with our very own chefs/nannies for our students. They prepare 3 healthy meals a day, as well as snacks for our children. As we know, an empty stomach can’t help a growing mind. We will also provide our students with transportation. The transportation provided not only includes to and from school and to many extracurricular activities, but also for daily life. They can choose to go to library, hangout with their friends, etc. As we want our students to indulge in Western culture and have a more holistic view of the world. As we do provide these freedoms to our children, it is important to note they are always under 24/7 supervision when they are not attending school. These supervisions are in the form of our teachers, drivers, and nannys. These amenities will help to shape and grow our students’ paradigm. Please call Ivy League Academy at 757-499-6064 for more information.


We give our students the freedom to choose which housing situation would suit their lifestyle and their overall goals the best. We have boarding homes & homestay families. With our boarding homes we provide transportation, 3 square meals a day, and ESL/TOEFL instructors for educational assistance.

Nanny-ChefNanny/Chef Services

Our nannies and chef services provided by the company give our children the option of 3 healthy meals a day, as well as snacks provided throughout the day. We understand that growing minds need the most nutritional and wholesome food. We give our students the opportunity to ask our chefs to prepare any meal of their choosing. Our nannies are there as overstay hosts for our children. They are nurturing, mother-like figures to help make the transition of coming to America a lot easier. Our nannies speak fluent Chinese so they also work great as translators for our teachers that give our students educational assistance.


We provide our children with transportation to and from school with our personal drivers. Each driver is assigned to individual homes to create a sense of trust and safety. Not only do our drivers provide transportation to and from school. They also provide transportation for our students daily needs, whether its going to the gym, the mall, hanging out with friends, etc. We love to have our children engaged in the American culture and experience what the West has to provide. During these engagements, our students are always under supervision with a guardian. Our nannies and drivers double as guardians when our children want to go to the mall or anywhere where safety may be an issue. As with driving, keeping our children safe and sound is our number one priority.